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Our float expertise

CEMG‘s valuable experience in Emergency Flotation Systems maintenance allows us to perform controls on many types of EFSs.
Whether you need a minor or a major inspection including overpressure testing, our skilled technical team will deliver.

Maintenance includes procedures such as controlling the condition of pieces and replacing the cover. In compliance with the Component Maintenance Manual, we will fulfill any needed Service Bulletin or Airworthiness Directive, for instance, pipework repairs in case of leak.

We conscientiously follow a testing and maintenance process to ensure the waterproofness and integrity of an EFS’s buoyancy.
In addition, we carry out a set of controls and weighings on the cylinders to make sure they are airworthy.



Our skilled technical team is ready to deliver and advise.

We provide necessary equipment for your drills.

We can store your equipment until your craft returns.