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Our life raft expertise

For over 30 years, we have been offering the overhaul, repairs, inspection, conversion and coding of your life rafts.

Our certifications allow us to deal with your safety equipment in compliance with all applicable standards.


– Inspection and overhaul of the inflation cylinder
– ELT beacon control and functional testing
– Replacement of the survival kit’s perishable goods
– Watermaker testing – Waterproofness testing
– Application of potential Service Bulletins and mandatory Airworthiness Directives.


A problem with your life raft’s vacuum-packaging? We will control it and carry out the overhaul if necessary.

Your life raft’s soft pack or hard pack is damaged? We will either repair it or replace it.



If authorized by the manufacturer, we will convert your life raft’s servicing interval from the usual 1 year to 3 years.


You have no information on the coding of your life raft’s ELT beacon? We can control that for you.



Your life raft is switching aircrafts? We are authorized to reprogram your ELT to your new registration.

Our skilled technical team is ready to deliver and advise.

We provide necessary equipment for your drills.

We can store your equipment until your craft returns.