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Protective Breathing Equipment 

Thanks to our experience with training hoods, CEMG AEROSAUVETAGE can also recertify your Protective Breathing Equipment.
Being approved by manufacturer Air Liquide, we have the latest documentation, as well as a stock of spare parts at our disposal.

This allows us to carry out the repairs in a very short routine time, but also in an unbeatable AOG timeframe.


Our technicians are trained by Air Liquide and able to treat PBE with the utmost care and in compliance with AL’s expectations.
We can make RFID technology available to track the maintenance of your PBE.
In fact, we can operate on all 4 levels of maintenance going from the lead to the complete reconditioning of your Protective Breathing Equipment.

Notre expertise Cagoules opérationnelles
Notre expertise Cagoules opérationnelles

Le savoir-faire et les conseils de nos techniciens sont à votre service.

Nous mettons à votre disposition nos équipements pour vos entrainements.

Nous pouvons conserver votre matériel jusqu’au retour de votre avion.