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is your expert partner for maintenance and supply of aeronautical safety and rescue gear.

Endorsed by major manufacturers such as Collins Aerospace, AVI Survival, Switlik, Survitec, Air Liquide and more OEMs, our company has developed unparalleled experience.

This allows us to meet all specific requirements from worldwide airlines, jet and MRO businesses.

Responsible for the safety and survival of passengers and crews, everyday, our team inspects, tests, maintains, repairs and overhauls life rafts, life vests, smoke hoods, Emergency Flotation Systems, seat belts and many more first-aid items.

Essentially striving to provide a flawless service, CEMG is US DOT approved, EASA PART-145 and FAA PART-145 certified as well as AEO authorized.


Your life raft requires a check-up?
Your EFS needs to be inspected, your ELT beacon to be coded, your oxygen tank to be refilled or even your seat belts to be washed? Our skilled technical team is ready to deliver and advise.


Your takeoff is imminent and you are too short on time to have your equipment inspected or repaired? We offer you a replacement for rental. A rental life raft can be coded and ready to board in 2 hours*.

*Subject to availability and CEMG terms and conditions


You are a training center? We provide our equipment for your in-pool drills. And you might also be interested in our smoke hood overhaul service.

In addition, we handle fixing or replacement of any piece from your simulator.


If your helicopter is fitted with EFSs, we can assist you with:

– Minor (valid 12 to 18 months) and major (valid 5+ years) inspections
– Overpressure testing
– Servicing of accessory pieces
– Fixing or replacement of the cover
– Testing of the buoyancy’s waterproofness
– Weighing and inspection of the tank’s validity



You need a customized transportation solution to meet your deadlines?

Our shipping and customs experts will assist you all the way until you receive your articles but also advise you on how to perform procedures of exemption from tariffs and VAT.

A team dedicated to help you

Everyday, our team ensures a meticulous supply monitoring in order to deliver your first-aid gear right on time.

Our strenghs

– Our customer service is attentive and dedicated to answering whatever request you may have within an hour (proven for 98% of requests).

– We are committed to assessing your needs and meeting your expectations with a high-quality response.